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Fred Habasque / (29) Finistère / Near-miss / Watersports / 21.10.2018

Name: Fred Habasque
Âge: 41
Address: (29) Finistère
Date: 21.10.2018
Incident: Near-miss
Activity: Watersports

Sunday - 9.30am

A beautiful day ahead. The swell had fallen but was still present on the spots of the Crozon peninsula. It's cool. We took a small photo leaving the port of Camaret to immortalize this beautiful sunrise.

Direction Lostmach.

With Vincent we park in the parking lot at the bottom. We change, it's cool. To reach the spot we take the small path that leads to the beach. Feet numb by the morning freshness, we go at a little trot.

The weather is fine, the sun's rays play with the little patches of mist hanging on the gorse.

Our heads rise and fall to the rhythm of our jogging just above the bushes.

Baaaam !

A reptilian reflex makes us dive to the ground.

There follows hard shot raining down on us from 50 cm above our heads. The noise is clearly there. Rain, or hail.

I thought it would take us.

We get up, and there, immobile and beasts like cabbage: 2 hunters 100-200 m from us.

I fired back at them with nonsense and names of birds.

Blinded by the sun behind us, they targeted us!

THESE TWO DARK MOVING OBJECTS WE'LL FIRE AT! They saw only our heads. The sun was behind us and they were on the other side.

I have rarely been so scared. And the more I screamed, the more I realiSed what had happened.

A local surfer, Romain, has arrived. He explained to us that it was not the first time. We then tried to trap these two crazy trigger-happy fools but barefoot it was impossible.

Arriving at the car park, I called the gendarmerie which mobilised, and to which the registration plates of the probable vehicles of the hunters were given as well as the story of the events.

I have never had a clear position with regard to hunting and hunters but here, to return to the spot being afraid to of being shot again, is just not normal.

The gendarmes have opened an investigation (in progress) and interviewed the hunters, we must try not to let it affect us.

The gendarmes were very correct with us, they immediately took us seriously.

The hunters claim to have shot at a pheasant in our direction. The shot was safe they say. But how can we know it? Safe ? A lead in the eye Is it harmless? If the pellets fuse or agglomerate with the heat of the detonation is this still safe? If the accuracy of the distance is over estimated? And on the spot how do they analyse this data without having it and under the stress of the moment...


Note that the person who lent us his phone to call the gendarmes went 50 m along the path to reach the beach before coming back, frightened by a gunshot in the area she was going to cross ...