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Holding / (86) Vienne / Mear-miss / Walking, Dog walking, Family / 03.12.2017

Nom: Holding
Âge: 42
Address: (86) Vienne
Date: 03.12.2017
Incident: Near-miss
Activity: Walking, Dog walking, Family

Walking along the river on a Sunday afternoon. Hunting is allowed in the morning, so we waited patiently until the afternoon to go dog walking. Everything was calm then suddenly,
detonation and smoke within 50 meters of me and my two children. We saw a deer jump (or fall foul?) And our hearts also jumped. They fired in our direction,
didn't they see us? Hunting is not allowed in the afternoon, if ??? We ran back, too afraid to stay to see what happened. At the exit of the forest we check the sign with my children: "Hunting allowed Sunday morning in the forest and Sunday all day by the river for waterfowl". Am I wrong or are deer now considered waterfowl ?! (Department of Vienna, 86). The picture is of where it happened (but not the same day). It is a peaceful place where many families meet to have a picnic; a place for hikers to walk as well.