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Mrs R White / (79) Deux-Sèvres / Pet killed / injured / Other / 04.12.2018


Name: Mrs R White
Âge: 69
Address: (79) Deux-Sèvres
Date: 04.12.2018
Incident: Pet killed / injured
Activity: Other

The hunting / weapons culture in my village of Deux-Sèvres is strong. Sundays, some Thursdays and Saturdays and sometimes during the night ... it's not all allowed. I heard snapping noises and screams of animals at regular intervals all week. I discovered animal traps on Mr. Bricolage's shelves without instructions or rules. The villagers installed them in their gardens, the farmers installed them in the neighbouring fields. My young cat was trapped for 13 days when a neighbour went on vacation. The amputation cost me over 100 euros and she was a few minutes from death. His wife was the mayor's sister. Another neighbour shot my cats in their own garden, I heard bullets pass by me. Three other friends in the neighbouring villages had bullets in their gardens ... Another had all his chickens (20 euros each !!!), killed by a hunting dog. While picking grapes, a hunter fired by mistake on his own hunting dog, 100 meters away from us. A neighbour shot my cats and also shot birds in my garden. They came out of the sky from the telegraph pole (...). When confronted, he said it was his "sport" ... they were breeding birds ... and their dying babies created huge fly problems.