"My neighbour was killed"

"My cat was killed"

"My house was damaged by a bullet"

"The bullets were flying over my head"

"I was in fear of my life"

How Have You Been Affected By The Hunt?

Most people have a story about how hunting has affected them. 

Maybe you have been frightened by shots fired near (or hitting) your house? 

Witnessed dangerous behaviour? 

Your pet was shot, a neighbour killed, you have yourself suffered a near-miss?

But since many of these incidents were never reported or recorded, it has been impossible to understand the magnitude of the problem of hunters' behaviour, and its impact on the everyday lives of people.

So far the victims have been silenced. Too many accidents, victims who do not know where to turn for help, the lack of interest of the government; all this has pushed us to act. 

Every injury by the chasse could have been a death. Who counts them?

Interview on TV channel 8 Mont Blanc (5:00)


We started this campaign after the killing of our friend Marc Sutton - he was shot by a hunter while biking on a popular track in Morzine in October 2018.

Marc's death came after the death of Gaël Lavy in Annecy. He was shot in the head while jogging with his wife. It was almost exactly a year after the death of a woman in her own garden in Aveyron when a hunter shot through a hedge.

There are too many deaths and injuries toutes les mentionnérs – more than 364 personnes ont été tuées et plus de 2600 blessées depuis 2000. Un nombre incalculable de personnes sont traumatisées, effrayées et intimidées.

Marc's death could have been avoided. Current legislation is not effective; every week brings a tragic new headline. If the rules are not completely changed, more people will lose their lives, it's inevitable. We will forever be shocked by any kind of 'collateral damage'. Working together, we can save lives.

The greater our numbers, the more our voices will be heard. Tell Us Your Story.

Marc's Story

Name: Marc Sutton **    Age: 34 years **   Location: Morzine. **   Date : 13/10/2018

Tragically, Marc is not here to tell his own story. He was killed by a hunter; shot with a high powered weapon as he cycled down a popular bike track in the Alpine tourist resort of Morzine. Marc was wearing brightly coloured helmet, and there was 100% visibility...

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