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Sally Fenner / (23) Creuse / Animal de compagnie tué / blessé / Équitation / 08.11.2019

Nom: Sally fenner
Âge: 51
Adresse: (23) Creuse
Date: 08.11.2019
Incident: Animal de compagnie tué / blessé
Activité: Équitation

I was on my own 80 acre property with my horses and dogs when five chasse dogs came running and howling all around us. My five horses went mad and galloped around scared and stressed and two fell over and injured themselves. I heard gunfire and shouted at the men in the chasse. By the time I walked back to my house my French neighbour was waiting for me at my door. He had been called by the guy I shouted at and said I had to accept dogs would come on my land even though it’s registered as chasse interdite and signs as such are everywhere.