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Wild K / (74) Haute-Savoie / Comportement dangereux / Autre / 08.09.2019

Wild K
Âge: 40
Address: (74) Haute-Savoie
Date: 08.09.2019
Incident: Dangerous behaviour
Activity: Other

Yesterday was a scary first day of hunting. I was in our garden throwing balls for our dog at 11.15am. I heard the squealing from what I thought was an excited hunting dog (or perhaps the animal being hunted) just below our garden. It was that close I was looking to see if an animal had got trapped and was expecting to see a dog owner. Within seconds I heard 3 very close and very loud consecutive gun shots. This hunt was so close and in a residential area of many people. Why hunt in a residential area! A stray bullet….? I immediately went inside. It’s such a sad time.