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Perez / (81) Tarn / Near-miss / Hiking / 13.10.2018

Name: Perez
Âge: 30
Address: (81) Tarn
Date: 13.10.2018
Incident: Near-miss
Activity: Walking

I would like to share my experience because before that I was still content with hunting, being from family in which it is a traditional practice unfortunately.

And I, too, have almost been added to this list of victims.

During September I wandered home, on a part of my land, where I had posted private property signs, when I suddenly heard a very close shot that scared me so I reported my presence by screaming HOOOW there is someone here!

I had time to walk on for 15 seconds when this time 2 or 3 shots came very fast in my direction, I could hear bullets whistle in my ears.

I was at home during this hunt, and the whole thing surrounded my house ....

I of course called the gendarmerie who told me that it would serve no purpose to complain, which I knew.

He also told me that the hunt will not stop and will not be reformed.

I am also aware that the safety of people is not the priority - obviously because no form of safety is in place.

I wanted to share this with you, because I really wonder about how to protect myself.

And how can you not live in fear when you are passionate about the outdoors ???

I do not think anyone has an answer because we know very well that no reform will be taken for the safety of people.

For people who take pleasure in killing live targets that are sometimes said to be "game birds" they think it's a higher purpose and don't ask questions.

I do not know what to say, we feel completely helpless. That is why I would like more consideration.

We do not feel that we being listened to. I do this for the victims and all those who are afraid to go outdoors, or even feel at risk in their own home.