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Mignon Joël / (74) Haute-Savoie / Presque accident / Autre / 20.03.2018

Name: MIGNON Joël
Âge: 72
Address: (74) Haute-Savoie
Date: 20.03.2018
Incident: Near-miss

Activity: Other

My house is located at the top of a slope on the south-west side. It was the opening of the hunt. It was sunny. I was on the roof of my house for a minor repair. Suddenly a shot slams. In the next second a rain of lead falls near me on the roof. I warned the president of the hunting company that lives in my village. The following year was no different. It was fine weather, I was raking leaves on the lawn. A shot ... in the second following, a volley of lead pierced the leaves on the ground. I warned the president of the hunt again.

Explanation: In good weather, at the opening of the hunt, pheasants released the day before appreciate this slope well oriented to the sun. It's almost pigeon shooting.

I also practice mountain biking and often participate in organised hikes in the towns or villages of our region. A hike that I liked "La Rochoise" at La Roche sur Foron certainly had to be cancelled because of the hunters. Whenever I participated, mid-way all signposts showing the route to follow had disappeared. It was a general scatter. Many mountain bikers were lost. Hunters at rest, leaning against their SUVs, smirking seemed to appreciate this mess. In individual or between friends we are not quiet during all the hunting season. The subsidies given by the regions of more than 3 000 000 € to hunting, so-called protectors of nature, bode well for a bright future for mountain bikers and walkers.