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Alma Carr / 24 Dordogne / Near-miss / Family / 14.10.2001

Name: Alma Carr
Âge: 72
Address: 24 Dordogne
Date: 14.10.2001
Incident: Near-miss
Activity: Family

I was sitting at my table on the covered terrace of my house when I heard a gunshot and saw the window pane at the height of my head was broken. I see 4 hunters in the field just 100 metres from the house. I went to meet these men and explained to them that they had almost killed me as their dangerous shot almost hit me and that their bullet had broken the window near the table where I was eating. They did not apologize or offer to pay for the damage. I reported the incident to the mayor but no follow-up was given to this endangerment. The hunters were too close to the houses and they did not respect the safety rules.