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Catherine Bourderioux / (26) Drôme / Personne tuée / Autre / 16.12.2017

Name: Catherine BOURDERIOUX
Âge: 63
Adresse: (26) Drôme
Date: 16.12.2017
Incident: Person killed
Activity: Other

This tragedy concerned the grandfather of my grandson (by marriage). This gentleman, Jean Louis, lived near Vaison la Romaine, in St Romain in Viennese, and had gone to collect some holly for his family to celebrate Christmas. He was MURDERED (because for me it's an assassination) - he picked up the holly and received a bullet in the back that went right through! The drunk hunter thought he saw a boar! Help was called 4 hours later ... no doubt to let the alcohol level go down! This gentleman was the grandfather of my grandson, in the family of my daughter-in-law on the side of her first husband. I do not know everything that happened next. My daughter-in-law told me that his widow was questioned as if she was at fault, she was asked to justify why he was there to pick up holly, if he was a good husband? If he was normal? If he drank? In short it seems that the roles have been reversed! It's MONSTROUS! This gentleman, who I knew very little since it was the first family-in-law of my daughter-in-law, was in an association that makes beautiful cribs at Christmas time, it is very traditional in Provence. Jean Louis was 59 years old! We are always very shocked and upset especially when the date of December 16th arrives! Here is a broken life and a family so broken by sorrow, because to be killed by a guy who has for leisure a rifle and the taste to kill it is INCONCEIVABLE!