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Drulang, Jean Pierre / (74) Haute-Savoie / Dangerous behaviour / Walking / 05.12.2017

Name: Drulang, Jean Pierre
Âge: 70
Address: (74) Haute-Savoie
Date: 05.12.2017
Incident: Dangerous behaviour
Activity: Walking

I do not remember the date, the date above is certainly false, but I was walking uphill towards Bay on a sloping path in the town of Passy near the area called 'les Sauvages'.

Suddenly I saw a man who was pointing a shotgun at me - he was about forty meters in front of me, I was about eighty yards away in front of a housing estate. The field was sparsely planted with trees that had lost their leaves, so visibility was good.

Lost in my thoughts, I saw him only when he lowered his weapon. At that moment I did not realise at all that I had escaped certain death. I remember asking him if the hunt was open.